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The CHIRR website will be retired in August, 2019.

CHIRr provides a resource of outcome variables and suggested measures to guide a comprehensive consumer health informatics assessment. The resource provides a reservoir of suggested outcome variables that make it easier to engage in health communication and related consumer health informatics intervention research.

CHIRr is intended to help scholars in diverse fields such as: consumer health informatics, health communication, social marketing, eHealth, mHealth, mass communication, public health, health promotion, and science communication. CHIRr strives to prompt similar measures and outcome variables within eHealth and mHealth where current disciplinary boundaries may result in the use of different measures to assess highly similar variables.

Updates of sections as well as new entries are provided when available. Sections of the website were updated in winter 2012-2013.

CHIRr (pronounced 'cheer') is a product of the National Library of Medicine. CHIRr's authors and editor are:

Glenn Leshner Ph.D., School of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia

Brian Hensel Ph.D., University of South Dakota

Rob Logan, Ph.D., Senior staff, U.S. National Library of Medicine

NLM wishes to thank Glen Cameron, Ph.D. and the Health Communication Research Center at the School of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia for their participation in CHIRr's planning and development. The CHIRr staff also thanks Steve Phillips, M.D., Gale Dutcher, and Florence Chang, Division of Specialized Information Services, National Library of Medicine for their assistance in the creation of this website.

Please direct any questions about CHIRr to Dr. Logan at: